Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When I order a product, what happens next?

  1. Awaiting Review: The product is reviewed by our team, and any necessary notes or changes are added. If any changes are needed, you will be notified via email. After the review is complete and the order is approved, it will move onto production.
  2. Production: Our team reviews files, notes, etc. and determines whether the product is ready for production. If it is, our production team creates the product according to the desired specifications. This process takes three business days to finish. Once the product is complete, it moves onto quality control.
  3. Quality Control: This step includes reviewing the finished product and comparing it to the desired specifications. Once it is approved for quality, it will move onto shipping.
  4. Shipping: You will receive a UPS or USPS Priority Mail delivery tracking number via email. If you requested in-store pickup, you will be notified that your product is ready for pickup.


About how long does it take for the product to ship?

Depending upon which product you order and shipping service, your product will ship to you in roughly five business days.


Who should I contact with any questions?

Call our office at (636) 978-4664 or email us at


Why Classic Sign Store?

We care about our customers’ branding. When you’re happy, we are too. We offer quality guarantees on all of our products, along with competitive, budget-friendly pricing. Plus, we support American made products whenever possible, which helps create and maintain jobs in our country.

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